The Benefits of Abbirae Elixir Hair Restorer
Apr 2022

Charles Kennedy

The Benefits of Abbirae Elixir Hair Restorer

The formulation of essential oils and Protein in Abbirae Elixir are the best natural stimulants you can ever use for your hair. The combination improves blood circulation throughout the scalp, which ensures the proper delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and the nearby cells. This facilitates the overall system to function at the optimum level. As the scalp turns healthy and the roots of the hair get stimulated by the oils, the hair fibers become nourished and start growing significantly.
Add to shampoo or Conditioner

When added to either shampoo or conditioner and used on the scalp and the hair, the essential oils induce a soothing effect almost immediately. The Elixir produces two neurotransmitters called serotonin and dopamine, which calm down the nervous system and make the mind relaxed. This relaxes the scalp too and causes a high positive impact on the growth of your hair. So, if you massage your scalp while using your shampoo infused with Abbirae Elixir formulation, for approximately one minute, you will promote hair growth for a beautiful mane.

There are times when our scalp gets invaded by certain microbes. For example, all those nasty chemicals from your hair care and styling products, along with dandruff, dirt, and excess sebum, cause build-up on the scalp, clog the follicles and eventually irritate the scalp.
It causes extreme damage to hair follicles and prevents hair’s natural growth by resulting in several scalp issues like infections, acne, eczema, etc. But being a great natural antimicrobial agent, the Abbirae Elixir essential oils formulation inhibits the growth of bacteria. Thus, the scalp remains clean, healthy, and absolutely perfect for hair growth.

The antimicrobial properties of Abbirae Elixir are even more strengthened with its antiseptic properties. Apart from eradicating microbes and averting the possibilities of developing scalp infections, it works on already infected scalps and stops the contagion from developing any further. This is very important for the health and growth of the hair as this accelerates the growth of hair, makes it stronger, and keeps split ends away.

Moisturizing and Conditioning Abbirae Elixir is a great product that can moisturize and condition hair fibers while providing them with the right amount of nutrients. Be it restoring the lost moisture of the hair, imparting added moisture to it, or even sealing the natural moisture present in it, the Elixir can do everything needed to make hair soft and smooth.

Damage Repair Abbirae Elixir with nourishing, moisturizing, conditioning and scalp stimulating properties can always repair even the most severe hair damage. Hence, Abbirae Elixir can be a wonderful choice for revamping your dry, damaged, and sunburnt hair. It is rich in antioxidants that help protect the hair from the damaging effects of oxidative stress by forming a protective shield on the scalp. In addition, the Elixir’s antioxidant properties also help in stripping off the dirt and chemicals that are causing the scalp to dry out, thereby leaving the hair healthy and shiny.

 Frizz-Free Hair If you want straighter hair with less or no frizz, Abbirae Elixir contains ingredients that is a sure bet for you. It comes loaded with fatty acids, which condition the hair to turn softer and smoother. It also washes away build-ups on the scalp and allows the cuticles to breathe, ensuring that your hair receives enough moisture to stay hydrated and healthy. In addition, it alters the structure of your curly hair fibres and turns them straighter in a natural manner. Thus, you do not need to detangle it again and again.

 Added Sheen Regular use of Abbirae Elixir on your hair can add a beautiful sheen to it. If you find your mane to be dull and lifeless, include this Elixir in your regular hair care routine to make it shinier and livelier.